KeyShot Sneaks into Multiphysics

by KeyShot | Dec 18, 2013 | News | 0 Comments


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    If you're an engineer, we know you love presenting the crisp realism and slick visuals of your model all rendered up. We also know you have a sweet spot for the interactive simulation of those mechanisms and complex assemblies you create. Combining the two would be an incredible addition to the product development workflow, i.e. it would be awesome. So, we've worked togetether with Algoryx to bring more realism into intereactive simulation. This week, Algoryx has announce Dynamics for SpaceClaim, a new plugin that includes the ability to build complex interactive physical simulations and then render them with KeyShot.

    Algoryx Simulation AB is known for their high performance, real-time simulation while SpaceClaim brings in a simple, parametric 3D modeling interface. With KeyShot intgration for both, it becomes very easy to create fully rendered interactive simulations.
    Dynamics for Spaceclaim is a fully integrated add-in that extends the functionality of SpaceClaim with motion dynamics for multibody systems with joints, frictional contacts and analysis, driven by the physics engine AgX Dynamics. With Luxion KeyShot present, Dynamics for Spaceclaim can feed KeyShot with simulation data for the production of photo-realistic physics-based images and videos.

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