New Integration Between IronCAD and KeyShot

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    We're keeping the flames of the integration fire stoked with an additional partnership and new integration for KeyShot. Within the new collaboration suite of IronCAD 2014, IronCAD users now have single-click transfer of their 3D data to KeyShot along with the ability to continue working on their design in IronCAD and send updates to KeyShot through Luxion's LiveLinking technology. No plugin installation or extra steps required. If you have the 2014 IronCAD Collaboration Suite, you're set to create renderings of your IronCAD data in KeyShot.


    KeyShot IronCAD Integration

    IronCAD user will see the added KeyShot integration as a new menu item in the newly released 2014 IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite. From the Add-ins tab, a new section with the option to "Render in KeyShot" is available, along with added options to update the model in KeyShot and export a KeyShot .bip file. With the transfer all color assignments at the part and assembly level are maintained while assembly structure and camera views are transferred accurately into KeyShot.

    This adds to and compliments the flexibility IronCAD users have in a 3D modeling application that allows both parametric and explicit modeling in the same interface. To learn more about or try IronCAD, please visit

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