Pensa Street Charge Visualized with KeyShot

by KeyShot | Aug 22, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments


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    PENSA! is a Brooklyn-based design firm shaking up the design scene with ingenious design that brings beauty and elegance to everyday devices and simply makes common tasks more enjoyable and common needs more accessible. They're a long-time KeyShot customer with one of their most recent accomplishments beginning as a self-initiated project. The Street Charge developed in partnership with Goal Zero is an off-the-grid charging station for people on the go. It's currently undergoing a pilot program throughout New York City. We asked Peter Chung, Senior Industrial Designer at Pensa, how KeyShot helped through the process.

    KeyShot has been very helpful for the Street Charge development. It was quite a fast paced project. By using KeyShot we could effectively communicate the design emotionally during the short time frame. - Peter Chung, Senior Industrial Designer, Pensa

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