Rendering Organic Models in ZBrush and KeyShot

by KeyShot | Mar 11, 2013 | Resources | 3 Comments


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    If you've been wandering through the crocodile infested jungles of 3d rendering tutorials, searching for the the golden chalice of KeyShot/ZBrush knowledge, your search is over. Digital Tutors has just published Rendering Organic Models in ZBrush and KeyShot. In this 15 part tutorial, Peter Minister walks you through the workflow of using KeyShot to render one mean looking croc, plus he includes all the project files for you to use as you watch along.

    ZBrush and KeyShot Tutorial

    The tutorial, available with a Digital Tutors subscription, takes a process-oriented approach focused on features you'll use along the way and important tips to get the best results. Peter goes over the model set-up, exporting the texture from ZBrush, importing the model and texture into KeyShot, with two sections on KeyShot Materials and loads more. Here's a quick overview of the tutorial.

    See the tutorial details here. You can find other KeyShot tutorials in the Digital Tutors KeyShot Training Section.

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