The Amazing Vehicle Design of Luigi Memola, Rendered in KeyShot

by KeyShot | Aug 8, 2013 | Features | 0 Comments


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    We've seen concepts of futuristic vehicles since the dawn of Popular Science and Sci-Fi novels. Now, we see even more with websites completely dedicated to concept ships and vehicles, but among these there are those who stand out. Luigi Memola, a designer from Turin, Italy, is one of the best, creating memorable racers, aircraft and all-terrain vehicles rich in detail and pushing past the limits of the imagination. He uses KeyShot to render his models and tells us how KeyShot performs.

    Luigi Memola

    Luigi uses Rhino 3D modeling software most often, but also uses Blender and Makehuman with some components of his vehicles created in SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor. His rendering software of choice is KeyShot. “KeyShot is amazing software. Speed, high quality and ease of use are the strong points. I have worked with very heavy files up to 400MB on a regular laptop and the results are astonishing. KeyShot is a tool that invites the imagination to expand.”

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