The KeyShot Hotkeys Cheat Sheet. Get Yours Now.

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    Using high quantities of KeyShot has been known to cause withdrawals when away from the computer. Of course, you can always bring your renderings along, open up the KeyShot Gallery on your mobile device or show people a few KeyShotVR's you've made. But deep down, we know you want a printable cheat sheet of KeyShot hotkeys to take along on your excursions away from your lair of creative development. We have just the cheat sheet for you too. Small, compact, easy to fold when you're on the go and accidently present as payment in the check out line. It's the KeyShot hotkeys cheat sheet and it's available for both Mac and PC.

    KeyShot Hotkey Cheat Sheets. They're Hot.

    Now, we must remind you that the KeyShot hotkey list can be accessed while using KeyShot by selecting the 'K-key'. For the print version, we have two cheat sheet options available for you--One for Mac and one for Windows PC. Both are sized to fit side-by-side on a standard Letter-size or A4 sheet of paper or can be printed separately. Images of the cheat sheets can be seen and downloaded below (perhaps to make yourself a nice wallpaper version). You can download the KeyShot Hotkeys Cheat Sheet (PDF) directly or visit our Media page for this and other resources.


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