Animation of the Week: Light Tunnel & Orange

by KeyShot | Jun 4, 2014 | News | 0 Comments


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    We're on the first days of KeyShot 5 being out and already seeing some great visuals from KeyShot users. Animation features add a bit of extra power including fade animation and motion blur, but Peter shows just what's possible without either of those. Using a tube with a custom material he generated this unique animation, that I'm sure will surprise you. It's called Light Tunnel.

    Here's another of Peter's animations, showing just how abstract and awesome you can get. His workflow is quite impressive. As he describes it, this was, "created in C4D Studio, baked and exported (fbx), then brought into KeyShot to add materials and render. I rendered a tiff seq in max samples mode (32 samples), including two layers and a depth pass, I then dropped it all into After Effects were I add a bit of depth of field and motion blur."

    Be sure to hop over to see What's New in KeyShot and KeyShot Animation. Download and try KeyShot yourself to see what you can create.

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