Animation of the Week: Secret Life of Ants

by KeyShot | Jan 31, 2014 | Animation | 1 Comment


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    There is the life of the ant, and then there is the secret life of the ant. To have a look into the world of arthropods is fascinating. We know because David Anttenborough says as much in the following video, a video created by Anders Rådén with modeling done in ZBrush and everything else, including the animation, created in KeyShot. How did he do it? We asked him the same thing.

    How did you do the animation?
    "I isolated the body parts--head, antennae and upper parts of the legs. The body, head and antennae were moved up and down in tandem. I then created pivot points at the distal end of the upper legs and rotated them to coincide with the movements of the body."

    Beautiful work Anders and some of the best we've seen. You can see more of Anders' work on his website. KeyShot Animation is an add-on for KeyShot. You can learn more about it here.

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