Announcing KeyShot Integration with Siemens' NX

It's been a week full of events and news, and today, from the Siemens PLM Connection Conference in Orlando, Florida, we are very excited to announce the news of KeyShot integration with Siemens' NX design software. We have had multiple announcements of KeyShot integration and new 3D software partners this summer and we're very happy to add NX to the list.

Like our other integration, NX users will be able to transfer their models directly to KeyShot, with LiveLinking functionality to transfer updates to geometry over to KeyShot without loosing any material assignments or settings. NX users also gain the option of importing their models as NURBS geometry for smoother curves and edges and the automatic instancing of patterned components.

Here's what our co-founder and CEO Claus Wann Jensen had to say about the new integration. "We are strongly focused on bringing KeyShot to more 3D professionals. With KeyShot integration with NX, NX users gain the integration they desire with more flexibility in creating visuals for the product development process, from concept through marketing. We see it happening already and are proud to be working closely with our customers to bring the next level of seamless integration between platforms."

We have many NX/KeyShot users, so we are glad to bring increased flexibility to them this summer. We're in the final stages of the software development and will be releasing the NX integration in a new edition of KeyShot later this summer.

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