Artstation Interview with Vitaly Bulgarov

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    Vitaly Bulgarov is an exceptional artist and a long time KeyShot user. From the Robocop concept visuals to his 10 days of Mech, he provides a level of detail and a level of realism in his modeling and rendering that have fooled some people and have left others wondering about his process. ArtStation magazine published an interview with Vitaly recently and talk to him about everything from his inspiration to his advice to others. There are, of course, plenty of visuals.

    First, whatever task you’re given, always focus on what can be done rather than the limitations or who’s to blame if things don’t go the way you want (both technically and artistically). Constantly remind yourself: “There is always a way to make it awesome!” Try to develop a genuine positive mental attitude. It’s not just the best way to overcome any career difficulties but also the best way to challenge yourself artistically, since you voluntarily eliminate any room for making excuses.

    When we interviewed Vitaly, we the detail that he puts into his work and how KeyShot helps.

    "KeyShot is seriously one of the best things that happened to me in my whole carrier as a CG artist. I started to use it for my personal design work about a year and a half ago as it soon became clear that its potential for rendering in a fast-paced modeling/design work with a lot of iterations and tight deadlines is invaluable. For me, it was a first rendering software that makes sense for a designer who doesn't have time to create heavy lighting/environment set-ups in a 3D software and generally doesn't need to stay within feature animation production pipeline to work on a design."

    Read the entired ArtStation interview
    Vitaly's work on ArtStation
    Vitaly’s website

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