Buy or upgrade to KeyShot 4. Get KeyShot 5 for free.

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    Creating amazing images, developing stunning animations and sharing your KeyShot assets is about to get even better. KeyShot 5 is on its way and, prior to the release, we're bringing you a special offer. All new license purchases of or upgrades to KeyShot 4 will receive a free upgrade to KeyShot 5. This will also be the last chance to upgrade from HyperShot, KeyShot 1 or KeyShot 2. In the future, an upgrade from those versions will require a full license purchase.

    There are great new features, more integration and more possibilities in the works for KeyShot 5. Join the discussion and keep an eye out in the KeyShot forums for previews of what's to come. And remember, this offer is for a limited time only, so purchase or upgrade to KeyShot 4 and share the news with your friends - KeyShot 5 is on the way.

    You can purchase KeyShot here, upgrade here or contact for questions on available options and larger orders. This offer may not be combined with any other promotion or special discount.

    Share the High-res
    Many have requested a high resolution version of the KeyShot heart graphic to use as a wallpaper for their computer. Simply right-click and select "Save image as..." to download.
    keyshot background heart wallpaper

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