Catch Marco Di Lucca in the Latest Issue of 3D Creative

Hot off the presses, 3D Creative Magazine Issue 101 is out now and the cover story is all about 'How to Become a Master Modeler' with Senior Artist at Industrial Light and Magic, Marco Di Lucca. If you frequent the KeyShot forums, you've seen Marco's work take shape going from sculpture to KeyShot render with a realism that rivals both the modern poly pushers and rennaisance sculptors of old. In the article, he tells about the times and tools that have brought him to where he is today. It's a must read article for both the story and the visuals alike.

You can subscribe or purchase the magazine on 3D Creative for £2.99 and get a quick look at it via their flash viewer. Marco's article delivers both process shots of modeling and the end product visuals that are simply astonishing. And, if you don't get a chance to see the issue of 3D Creative soon, hop over to our interview with Marco where he details his early life, his career and tells how he uses KeyShot to bring his character visuals to the next level.

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