Cool Parallax Animated Gifs Created from KeyShot Renders

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    We love finding fresh, new ways people are using the visuals they churn out of KeyShot. Adam Tyler is an Engineer. He's into gadgets and cool stuff like freshwater aquarium plants. He also has a thing for sci-fi and creating animated parallax gif's of the best sci-fi objects in history. He has posted several gif's he created with images out of KeyShot on his Google+ profile and they're nothing but fun and mesmerizing to look, oh, and share. They've already received tons of +1 love. So, check out the process he used to create them below and the five gifs he created--Which is your favorite? Then hop over and throw a few +1's on his images yourself. Thanks for sharing this with us Adam!

    Here's a short rundown of the process he used for the TARDIS you'll see below.

    • The TARDIS model was created by me, using PTC Creo CAD software, and plans graciously provided by +YOZcreative
    • That CAD model was then directly imported into +KeyShot for rendering.
    • I set up a camera for orbital movement of +/- 5° at 0.5s in each direction and 30 fps.
    • I then imported the frames into GIMP 2.0 to assemble the animated GIF.



    B-9 from Lost in Space

    TIE Advanced starfighter from Star Wars

    TIE Interceptor starfighter from Star Wars

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