Creating a Simple, Subtle Bokeh/Speck Effect in KeyShot

by KeyShot | Jan 16, 2014 | News, Tips | 1 Comment


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    KeyShot is your camera. It's a lot more also. We've built in the ability to add the geometry you need to get the shadow, lighting and effects you want without a studio set-up, prior to any post-processing and with minimal effort. This couldn't be illustrated better than with the images created by our users. One in particular recognized the ability KeyShot has to perform just as a camera would. With some creative application, Andy Jones created a beautiful Bokeh effect that adds to the realism of the shot and does it all outside of any post work. Here's how he did it.

    1. Set up the planes
      First, I set up a couple planes in front of my camera. Placement is obiviously important because you want to be looking straight through all the planes.
    2. Apply image to planes
      Then I loaded up a couple of particle images with alphas.
    3. Set DOF and F-Stop
      then just set the DOF with a low fstop depending on the scale of our scene. You can mix up the particle layers and get creative with it. Remember to set the DOF at least 3 or 4 in the render palette.





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