Customer of the Month: Hagie Manufacturing

by KeyShot | Aug 28, 2014 | Features | 0 Comments


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    We have a wide array of customers from product concept creators to creature creators with KeyShot being used throughout the design and development process of all. The same holds true in the agriculture industry with large equipment manufacturing. Hagie Manufacturing is a family-owned company that has innovated in the area of high-clearance, self-propelled agricultural sprayers. To visualize these beasts, they use KeyShot from concept to completion to better illustrate the idea to product development and customer. Bryan Young, Senior Industrial Designer, tells us how they do it.

    How has KeyShot helped save time, money or improve quality?
    Before KeyShot any concepts or ideas required physically making them to see how they looked. Being able to visualize ideas and concepts in KeyShot has saved countless dollars for us and has allowed Industrial Design to show a multitude of ideas with minimum investment. I can’t tell you how much time, money and effort KeyShot has saved. It has allowed Industrial Design to generate concepts that our Product Development team has seen and actually integrating in products.

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