Customer Spotlight: Leap Motion

by KeyShot | Jul 30, 2014 | Features | 0 Comments


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    We've used keyboard and mouse for years. That's changing. Inspired by movies and thoughts about the future, some are aiming to break the requirement to point, type and click by recognizing the motion of our hands through the air. Motion gestures are moving off the screen and becoming part of our work environment thanks to Leap Motion. With a small, desktop device they allow us to control our computer and interact with our software through simple hand gestures. To bring the product to market they needed visuals and relied on KeyShot to sell the concept and deliver visuals for print, packaging and web.

    Industrial Designer with Leap Motion, Kyle Hay:

    KeyShot is instrumental in our creative process. We use it a lot for rapid visualization of product concepts, and it really gives a tangible look at an idea in a very short amount of time. We also use KeyShot for all of our finalized product renders for print and web. Rather than spend tons of time and money on a professional product photo shoot, we are able to get the same result in a fraction of the time without breaking the bank. Doing our product renders in KeyShot often yields superior image quality and control over an actual production photo shoot.

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