Featured Scene: United States Quarter Rendered in KeyShot

by KeyShot | Mar 27, 2014 | Resources | 0 Comments


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    Jason Trusty shared this United States Quarter stack in a forum post recently. His goal was to create an object that would provide scale with certain products... and to create the most accurate representation of a 'a buck twenty five' he could. You'll see the steps he went through on the forum post and Richard Funnell's suggestion on using the anisotropic material to get the cartwheel luster on the coin surface that is subtly visible to the human eye. The result is beautiful and Jason was kind enough to share the scene he created, for others to use.

    [button link="https://www.keyshot.com/downloads/scenes/JasonTrusty_Quarters.ksp" style="download" color="silver" size="large" raw="false"]arrow-down-blueUS Quarter Scene[/button]

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