3DOTP - Fully Dedicated KeyShot Render Service

by KeyShot | Jul 31, 2014 | Resources | 0 Comments


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    3D Off The Page is a KeyShot render service provider with a render farm completely dedicated to running KeyShot renders. The team has recently relaunched their site providing a simple process and two set-ups to complete your KeyShot render or animation in a fraction of the time.

    3D Off the Page offers a 160 core render farm and 256 core render farm that are built exclusively for rendering KeyShot files. (See the tech specs here.) Unlike other rendering services, each client gets full control of the render farm. By running only one project at a time, your KeyShot renders finish much faster than a single workstation and allows you to keep working on other projects.

    You can contact them here or email Steve Seager directly at sseager@3dotp.com.


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