Indiglo Compact Bike Light Visualized with KeyShot

by KeyShot | Oct 2, 2014 | Features | 0 Comments


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    One activity nearly everyone at Luxion is involved with is bicycling. So, when we heard one of our customers had launched a new Kickstarter campaign with an ingenious lighting solution, we were all quite excited to see what they were doing. The Indiglo team is now a week away from their product concept becoming a reality with the $75,000 goal set to be met within the next several hours. They used KeyShot to create the visuals and show people exactly how compact and well designed it is.

    The Indiglo 5 is the creation of two industrial designers and cyclists, Simon Zappia and Lesley Williams. After the arrival of their daughter, riding schedules changed with training shifting to darker hours. An incident sparked the project when Lesley had an accident due poor visibility, catching a ridge in the road surface. The LED light she was using had a low CRI or bluish colour, making it difficult to see detail, even though it was bright.

    "We feel that the few good lights out there are too expensive. This is where the 5 fits in a crowded market, high quality (both light and construction) at a reasonable price. A light suitable for dark winding roads and MTB trails but also has modes and antiglare devices so it can be used in traffic. It can also be refreshed or recycled with our 'cradle to grave’ program."

    There website details the size and specs of the light, with KeyShot used throughout to show how it attached to the bike, the different attachment options and how serviceable the product is, in shots that break down the components. They've also created an interactive KeyShotVR for an interactive 3D view of the light.

    There campaign ends Saturday, October 11th, with handlebar mounted versions starting at AUD $155 (AUD $150 without mount). Bulk quantities and limited versions also available. Hop over, give your support to the Indiglo team and ride safer on the road or trail.




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