Join Pinfor in the Creation of a Ferrari F150 Replica

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    Anthony Pinfor and the Pinfor team have been busy forming a very knowledgeable, very creative professional team over the last year. They're experienced, cover a wide range of disciplines and already have several projects under way. They're based in Seville, Spain, but they're launching their team on the web, not on their own website, but through GrabCAD with plans to harness the collective input of the community with KeyShot at the forefront for all visual creation.

    In our customer spotlight with Anthony Pinfor he told us how KeyShot had been instrumental in delivering rich visuals for the new team. "In the new stage of PINFOR, with the addition of a younger team who is better equipped technologically, we've incorporated KeyShot as the main tool for the presentation of our creations."

    You can see examples of this on two of their project, the Ferrari 156 F1 by Alfredo Gallozzi and the Monarkh by Daniel de Diego. In their first project with the GrabCAD community, they are completing a 1:10 scale replica of the Ferrari F-150. The F-150 project page has the details, the current 3D files and KeyShot .ksp file. Invites to participate in the project will be sent out to the best modelers and renderers from GrabCAD with plans to make the model an example of collaborative design. You can find out more about the project here and follow the Pinfor team on GrabCAD here.

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