Luca Nemolato on Breaking Into Concept Art Industry

by KeyShot | Jan 17, 2014 | Features | 0 Comments


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    In the latest issue of 3D Creative, you'll see an interview with Marco Di Lucca, but there's more. In the same issue, Luca Nemolato kicks off the issue with 8 pages on how to 'Break into the Concept Art Industry' sharing how he kicked off his career designing concept art for major titles including Falling Skies and The Conjuring. KeyShot is in his toolbag or software and he provides visuals and some insight into the process he uses.

    Luca has drawn since he could hold a pencil. He's refined his art working in a variety of ways to bring about the creatures he creates. Now working at ASC, he's been part of developing visuals for film and tv. Part of his process involves going from ZBrush to KeyShot then into Photoshop. Here's his tip for compositing.


    You'll also get a two page spread of 'Smile', a personal project from Luca worthy of being hung on your wall. You can snag issue 101 of 3D Creative on their site as a download for £2.99 and get a quick look at it via their flash viewer.


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