New KeyShot Tutorial: Quick Sketch Models with SolidWorks and KeyShot

by KeyShot | Sep 10, 2014 | Tips | 0 Comments


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    Digital Tutors has a new course up that covers the complete process of developing a product in SolidWorks and creating some hot product shots lickity split using KeyShot. Michael Lozano, industrial designer at LUNAR Design in Chicago, takes you through the process, with 14 lesson and two at the end that help you bring the SolidWorks model into KeyShot to quickly create rendered images.


    Michael does a great job at showing the complete render process, first with details on adding materials, going even further by telling you what to consider when adding those materials to your model. After a quick 12 minutes that breaks down the simple drag and drop process of adding materials to the model, Michael shows you the settings for rendering out the final shot. In ten minutes, he shows you the camera views that work for showing off your design and the settings to produce renderings very fast. He'll also show you how environments change the mood of your product shots.

    You can watch the overview of Creating Quick Sketch Models in SolidWorks and if you're a SolidWorks user, don't forget that there's a free KeyShot plugin available that will provide direct export and LiveLinking to KeyShot.

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