Rendering Creature Concepts in KeyShot with Josh Crockett

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    Digital Tutors has an all new KeyShot tutorial available. This time, Josh Crockett kicks off the training with an intro to the KeyShot interface, importing your ZBrush model, getting your cameras set and editing your materials, including making those adjustment to creature skin to make it look extra creepy. This is a well done tutorial and is sure to get you started out quickly with KeyShot. You can preview the course here.

    Rendering Monster Assets in KeyShot and Photoshop
    In this tutorial, you will learn fast and powerful techniques for rendering in KeyShot and ZBrush. Josh covers topics such as learning how to navigate the KeyShot's interface, shader system, and techniques for lighting and rendering your characters. The first four parts of the series are dedicated completely to KeyShot. Along with the videos, Josh provide 181MB of project files for your to use as well. Viewing the tutorial, requires a Digital Tutors membership. With this you can view any of the other KeyShot tutorials on the Digital Tutors site.

    View the Tutorial here.

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