Thaumatrope Timepiece Red Dot Design Winner Visualized in KeyShot

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    If you've been a kid or otherwise involved in animations of any sort, you're likely familiar with a thaumatrope--a card with an image on each side, connected with two strings that cause the images to blend together when twisted. Great fun. It's such a toy that served as the inspiration for the Thaumatrope timepiece, the concept from Etienne Bougeot and a 2014 Red Dot Design Award winner. Etienne used KeyShot in creating the visuals for the watch, from the stills to the animations, which display both the playfulness and functionality of the eye-catching watch.

    "This concept watch is based on the Thaumatrope, one of the first animations principles... Indeed, by twirling the dial or the "cage", it rotates in an axis engaged by the crown and allows to change the hands’ position. Time is in movement in the cage referring to the bird of the thaumatrope illusion. The front glass and the battery cap materials are balanced in weight to guarantee a proper and smooth rotation of the dial."

    Beyond a rotating dial that adjusts the time, Etienne also went to great lengths in the materials used. The battery cover is made with silicon for a waterproof cover and quick access. The watch clasp is minimal, using magnets that reduce the amount of mechanics. All illustrated beautifully in the rendered images and animation.

    Hop over to see more images of the Thaumatrope along with development shots and a beautifully created teaser video. Thanks to Etienne for sending this in.






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