Upcoming Webinar: Creating, Managing and Sharing Beautiful Materials in KeyShot

It's rare I would describe a material as mouth-watering, but in our upcoming webinar, that's exactly what you'll be getting, mouth-watering materials. On Tuesday, February 25th, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming back Dries Vervoort as guest webinar presenter. In this webinar, Dries will show you how he works his magic to create accurate plastics, translucent materials and more in KeyShot. You'll see how he creates and works with physical lights and we'll also have some tidbits on managing and organizing materials. It starts at 10 AM PST. Here are the details.

Creating, Managing and Sharing Beautiful Materials in KeyShot

Tuesday, February 25th, 10:00AM – 11:00AM PST

(Level: Intermediate) How do your create that unique material or maybe a simple, accurate plastic material? Get an in-depth look at the material creation process in the special webinar with guest presenter Dries Vervoort. You'll go through the process and also see the best practices for organizing and managing your materials. Sign up now as space is limited! In this webinar:

  • How to create accurate plastics
  • Managing your material library
  • Organize your customer materials with folders
  • Accurate translucent material and use of physical lights
  • Q&A


We will be recording this live webinar to our website the week following the broadcast. To view previous webinars, visit the KeyShot Learning section where we also have tutorials, quick tips and links to the KeyShot podcasts. To try KeyShot today, you can download a free trial at

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