Animation of the Week: KeyShot Caustics

by KeyShot | Apr 9, 2015


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    We've seen some pretty intense optical simulations created in KeyShot and we're continually impressed with what users are doing. Esben Oxholm has created a mesmerizing sample of caustics animated in KeyShot. It's absolutely gorgeous, a perfect example of what's possible and the musical accompaniment just adds to the awesome.

    Focused Caustics can be turned on inside KeyShot with a flip of the switch, from the Project Settings, Advanced window. After that, KeyShot will automatically show how the light rays play with the surfaces and materials in the scene with the lighting environment and/or physical lights used.

    As Esben explains, the scene is lit by a studio HDR environment and a single IES-profile spotlight positioned directly above the "stone". He posted the setup on the forum, which you can see below. You can learn more about how to use Focused Caustics in KeyShot in our Learning section or on this Focused Caustics Tutorial.


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