Animation of the Week: Tom Dixon Lean Lamp by Esben Oxholm

by KeyShot | May 7, 2015


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    There are three things we like at Luxion HQ. Rendering, animation and awesome animations that users create of deisnger desk lamps. We're not sure how Esben Oxholm found out about that last one, but he did, and did not disappoint. Esben posted the results of an animation he created of the Lean Table Light by Tom Dixon. He created it to level up his animation and production chops. We're pretty sure he did and gave everyone some sweet eye candy as a result.

    He rendered the animations with KeyShot 5 and used Premiere Pro and After Effects for the Flare, glow, dust particles and mino color grading in post production. He also provided the KeyShot KSP file which you can download for yourself right here.

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