How Franfou Uses KeyShot to Visualize 2D Characters

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    Franfou is an illustrator from Quebec, Canada specializing in art and illustration for everything from children's books to website marketing imagery. He has taken his expertise in traditional 2D illustration background, applying it to sculpting his characters in 3D and rendering them in KeyShot.

    He recently shared new client work with us that shows how he goes from sketch to render. The project for Ma Vie Mon Metier (My Life, My Job) required a particular look for the characters, showing that, in real life, a rockstar or a princess is not quite a job.

    The website used the visuals created by Franfou to introduce courses and training to connect people with work they would be passionate about. To achieve the correct look and feel for the characters, he started with refining their appearance through sketches.


    Apparently, devils and monsters are not typical vocations either. Franfou needed to provide a slight sense of confusion and weakness in the characters, then match the same look in the 3D character.




    He created the models using ZBrush, then using the ZBrush to KeyShot bridge, took them directly into KeyShot to color, light and render. It's a combination that provides faster results and allows him to provide different views of his characters over the 2D versions. You can see more of Franfou's illustration and contact him on his website. More info about KeyShot for ZBrush can be found here.

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