How to Add a Seamless Backdrop in KeyShot

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    KeyShot allows you to add preset types of geometry to your scene with the click of a button. This comes in handy when you need a sphere, a plane, a cube, or in our case today, a backdrop. Adding seamless backdrops in KeyShot is fast with the Add Geometry feature.

    1. Add the Seamless Backdrop

    From the KeyShot menu bar, select Edit, Add Geometry. The first set of choices include Ground Plane, Backdrop Ramp, and Backdrop Round. Backdrop Ramp and Backdrop Round are your choices for a seamless background with soft a transition with no edges of a ground plane showing.

    2. Adjust the Backdrop

    To move or scale the backdrop, right-click on the backdrop and select Move Part or select the object from the Project, Scene tab, and adjust the location/scale from the Position sub-tab. Use the default ground material, or choose a material that has your desired look. With these tools, KeyShot makes setting up your virtual photo studio a quick and easy process.


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