How to Change Material Types in KeyShot

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    The Material Library in KeyShot contains hundreds of preset materials. All of these are created using a KeyShot Material Type. Each Material Type contains specific settings to provide the most accurate appearance. You can see what Material Type a preset uses by double clicking a material applied to a part. For example, the Paint Gloss Black material preset uses the Paint Material Type. When working in a scene, sometimes you want to change some or all of the materials to a single Material Type.

    1. Select the Parts

    Select (or Ctrl-select) the parts you want to change from the Project, Scene tab. Right-click and select Material, Change Material Type.


    2. Change the Material Type

    This will bring up the Select Material Type window where you can select a different Material Type from the pulldown menu. When you select OK, KeyShot will apply that Material Type to all the selected parts in the model. From there you can edit and adjust the materials to fine tune the look.


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