How to Create Photorealistic Transparent Enamel Material in KeyShot

Nacho Riesco creates incredibly detailed jewelry pieces using ZBrush and KeyShot. His Baroque Skull Ring design is one of our favorites. Recently, he shared his secret for creating a realistic transparent enamel material in KeyShot. You may be surprised, but it's extremely easy to do and with just one material, you can have your own transparent enamel.  Here is an small tut about how to achieve the transparent enamel finish on my Baroque Skull Ring design.

After you import your model, double-click on the part you would like to make the transparent enamel material. The Material Properties will appear in the Project window.

  1. Set the Material Type as Liquid
  2. Tweak the Refraction (1.5) and Transparency (0.04) sliders
  3. Set the Bump MapTexture Type as Noise (Fractal) adjusting Scale (0.86) and Bump Height (0.06)

That's it! Adjust the color as desired, and be sure to select Save to Library to save your material for later. Have a material you would like to share? Visit the KeyShot forum or upload it to the KeyShot Cloud. We would love to see what you create!

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