How To Save a KeyShot Package File

by KeyShot | Apr 21, 2015 | Tips | 3 Comments


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    Collaborating on a KeyShot project with a team or customers is fast and easy with the ability to save and share your scene as a single file that can only be opened in KeyShot. Saving your scene as a KeyShot Package (.ksp) allows you to include all custom materials, texture, and HDRI files in a tightly compressed file.

    1. Save the .ksp

    To save a .ksp, select File, Save package... from the KeyShot menu. This will allow you to select where you want to save your package file. Provide a file name for the .ksp and select Save. The .ksp can now be shared.

    2. Open the .ksp

    To open a KeyShot Package file, use the same method as opening a KeyShot (.bip) file, selecting File, Open... or Import... to open. After loading the file, KeyShot will ask if you would like to copy the files to your content folder or keep them in a single folder. Select Copy Files if you would like to use the resources saved in the package (like textures or HDRIs) in other scenes.

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