How To Use Depth of Field in KeyShot

by KeyShot | Apr 6, 2015 | Tips | 0 Comments


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    KeyShot has several advanced camera settings for fine-tuning the appearance of your visuals. The first one we'll look at is Depth of Field. Depth or Field (DOF) keeps one area of the image in focus while blurring the rest to focus the viewers attention on a specific object or detail orcreate more dramatic shots.

    Enable Depth of Field

    In the Project window under the Camera tab, scroll down to Lens Effects and enable Depth of Field by clicking the checkbox.

    Set the Focal Point

    You can manually set the depth with the Focus Distance slider or you can click on the Select "Point of Focus" button and pick the area on the screen or the part to be in focus.

    Adjust the Intensity

    Decrease the F-stop to create a smaller field of focus for more a dramatic results.


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