KeyShot Connection for Onshape Now Available

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    Today Onshape sheds their beta skin, goes commercial and introduces the Onshape App Store, all in one breath. With this, Luxion is partnering up with the web-based 3D CAD platform and introducing the first rendering app available on the App Store that allows realtime rendering and the ability to maintain geometry updates and workflow collaboration. KeyShot Connection for Onshape is a free app available for both Mac and PC. If you're a user of Onshape and KeyShot, you can download the plugin directly here or sign up for the Onshape App Store beta here.

    How it works

    Onshape is a browser-based app, KeyShot is a desktop app. So how does the integration work? Very simply, by connecting to Onshape from inside KeyShot.

    After installation of the plugin, open KeyShot and select File,  Connect to Onshape. Once connected to your Onshape account, browse and search through public or private Documents and Workspaces. Select a Part Studio or Assembly that you want to render, adjust tessellation quality and select Import to bring it directly into KeyShot.

    The model structure, part and assembly names will all be maintained. With KeyShot Pro, you can import NURBS data for perfectly smooth, rounded surfaces. Then,  drag and drop materials, textures and HDRI lighting to make your models look stunning within minutes.

    Share and Update

    The KeyShot Connection for Onshape is the only app that allows you to share your work back to Onshape and update the KeyShot scene with any geometry updates. Once done with your work in KeyShot, save and upload your scene directly to an Onshape Document for others in your team to make updates. When a change to the design occurs, select “Connect to Onshape” again to easily update the model in your KeyShot scene.

    All of your work inside KeyShot will be preserved – materials, lighting, cameras and animations – with all model updates intact. Finish your changes and save the scene to Onshape, to ensure everything is up-to-date throughout the entire design process.

    To sign-up for Onshape, visit here. To try KeyShot, download here.

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