KeyShot Material Spotlight: Paint

by KeyShot | Apr 13, 2015 | Tips | 0 Comments


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    The KeyShot paint material is a versatile material that has simple settings for quick applications of color. You can use paint on vehicles like cars or motorcycles, but you can also use them on any surface where you want a create a solid color with a clearcoat effect.


    Color is the base layer of paint and the overall color of the material. Click the Color thumbnail to open the Color Picker, then select your desired color.


    This controls the polish level of your paint job. set it to 0 for an absolute perfect paint job, or increase the value for a more matte appearance.

    Refraction Index

    Changing the Refraction Index will control the reflectivity of the clear coat, in other words, its "shininess." Increase this value to reflect more light. Note that changing this value will also change the appearance of the base color as it changes the amount of light that is being reflected. The default setting of 1.5 is a great basic setting, but if a more shiny paint is desired, increase the value. Bringing the value down to 1 will almost hide the clear-coat.

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