MoCap Camera KeyShot Animation by Priority Designs

by KeyShot | Jul 1, 2015 | Features | 0 Comments


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    Priority Designs is an ID consulting firm that covers the entire product development process. One of their latest projects is the OPTITRACK PRIME 41 Motion Capture Camera. It's used in movies, gaming development, military applications and more. Eddie Gandelman, Industrial Designer with PD gave us some insight into creation of the animation and using KeyShot to animate.

    "After the Optitrack Prime 41 motion capture camera won an IDSA Silver award, Priority Designs wanted to showcase the product we helped design. We storyboarded the animation to ensure a nice flow, used KeyShot exclusively to animate and render the animation footage, and finished it off with After Effects for editing and final touches. We have several musicians in office, so we even composed and recorded the original audio track to elevate the video."

    And elevate the video, it did. The animation is a perfect example of product design animation from the material details and construction to the assembly and operation. They began with slow camera translations combined with turntable animations, going into exploded views of the product.



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