What Advantage Does KeyShot Provide?

by KeyShot | Jan 4, 2016 | Features | 0 Comments


    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering

    From the real-time viewing to the rendering speed, we're convinced KeyShot gives you the rendering advantage you need. Our customers know this best though, and Tim Feher describes exactly the advantage KeyShot provided on a recent project, a paper towel dispenser for Wisconsin Products:

    "I received Mold-Tech grain numbers and Pantone numbers for the materials. I was able to grab the exact Mold-Tech grain and exact Pantone color from Keyshot's library. Using KeyShot Viewsets and Scenesets was a BIG time-saving feature. I only used one model and one .bip (KeyShot scene) to create all of these images."


    Along with exclusive access to Mold-Tech textures, Pantone and RAL color palettes, Axalta Paints and Sorensen Leathers, you have physically accurate materials and the ability to see any change you make in real-time, as soon as you make it. Just a few reasons why KeyShot saves you time, allowing you to focus on the design and deliver amazing visuals.

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