Animation of the Week: Nacho Riesco's Sugar Skull Ring by Esben Oxholm

We love Nacho Riesco's organic jewelry designs, so when we saw that Esben Oxholm was putting together an animation of Nacho's Sugar Skull ring, we were a tad excited.

Nacho posted a rendering of his Sugar Skull ring a while ago on the KeyShot forum. Modeled in ZBrush, he imported it into KeyShot and used the Curvature texturing option to bring out the detail. The results, as you can see, is splendid. So what more could be done? Have a look at the animation Esben put together using KeyShot Animation.

Esben posted it here in the forum. Not only are the animation just perfect, the whole composition is brilliant. Here's hoping we see more from both of these guys. If you have a KeyShot Animation you would like to share, visit the KeyShot 'Amazing Animations' forum board. We would love to see it!

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