Amazing Split-face Sculpt Rendered in KeyShot

Marco Di Lucca never ceases to amaze us and we're always, always delighted when he publishes new work. That's absolutely the case this week with his latest work that started out of a 'random lunch break sculpt.'

Wouldn't you love a lunch break that resulted in this? Well, he's put a few more hours into sculpting what you see here. He sculpted it completely in Mudbox, then used KeyShot for the renders below. Though he says it's still a work in progress and these are only test renders... well, the results are absolutely stunning and a powerful testament to the power of rendering human skin in KeyShot. 







Thanks to Marco for sharing his work on the KeyShot forum. You can see more shots of Marco's latest work on his Artstaion page.

Would you like to get your work in front of others? Visit the KeyShot - Amazing Shot forum and share your latest! 

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