Architectural Exterior Render Using Rhino for Mac and KeyShot

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    In a new video from Simply Rhino, Phil Cook takes you through the process of creating an architectural exterior render with a 3D model created in Rhino for Mac and importing it directly into KeyShot to apply the Sun & Sky environment, along with the application of materials, textures and setup of cameras.

    Creating Architectural Exterior Renders in KeyShot

    To create the architectural exterior render, Phil shows you how to set the camera view using the Shift lens and how to use the Geometry View as a secondary viewer to make adjustments to the camera position. He then shows you a great process for setting up and applying the Sun & Sky environment prior to quickly applying materials to the objects. 

    If you're interested in creating exterior architectural renderings, this is a great lesson to show you how to do it quickly in KeyShot. The overall video is 30 minutes in length and filled with great tips. It's important to point out again, this was all done on a Mac, using Rhino for Mac 5.3.2, the latest release of KeyShot 7 and the free KeyShot for Rhino plugin.


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