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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering


    Animation, Tips - Jul 17, 2012

    Five Tips For Creating Animations in KeyShot

    "Really?! It's that easy? You have got to be kidding me." We hear that all the time. If you use it, you know how simple it is, If you've not tried it, it's easy to start and if you are either KeyShot model animating master or just getting started, we're here to give you a few tips to help with the a[...]
    Tips - Jul 16, 2012

    How to Render Realistic Ice in KeyShot

    Ice. Clear, sometimes smoky with small cracks, pockets and crystals inside. How do you create the appearance of ice in KeyShot? Boaz Zemer, a student at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, has perfected the art of ice appearance through a recent class. The course ended with a big party in Tel[...]
    News - Jul 13, 2012

    Join Us at SIGGRAPH 2012. Snag Free Entry to Exhibit Hall Here.

    Well, we've had a little break from events through the month of July, but it all picks back up in August. We will be headed to Los Angeles, California for SIGGRAPH 2012. It all happens August 5th-9th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Planning on going as well? Well, if the full conference price [...]
    Animation, Contest - Jul 12, 2012

    Winners of the KeyShot Engine Rendering Contest!

    Another AMAZING contest and we are all thoroughly impressed with the submissions from both the KeyShot and GrabCAD community. This was a very challenging contest to judge. There a a lot of great entries that meet the criteria of creativity, realism and composition. In the end, we had to narrow it do[...]
    News - Jul 10, 2012

    solidThinking Evolve 9.0 Brings Support for KeyShot

    Product designers rejoice--Rendering solidThinking files just became so much faster. If you use solidThinking Evolve, you now have the ability to save out KeyShot .bip files. solidThinking has released the latest version of their product design and 3D modeling software, Evolve 9.0, and with it, the [...]
    Contest - Jul 6, 2012

    Enter the KeyShot/GrabCAD Engine Rendering Contest Now. Ending Soon!

    The time to submit a rendering for the KeyShot Engine Rendering Challenge is just about up! We've seen a large increase of submissions in the final week of the challenge both on the KeyShot forum and on GrabCAD. All together we have over 200 entries and a variety of aircraft, boat, car and small sca[...]
    Features - Jun 27, 2012

    EntaStudios Using KeyShot for Amazing Vehicle Design

    There are many design firms, but few standout as pushing the envelop of design and truly capturing what's possible. EntaStudio is one of these. A design house out of Turkey with deep roots in creating exceptional design, they cover a wide array of design discipline mixed with a love for vehicles. Th[...]
    News - Jun 25, 2012

    KeyShot Live Q&A: You Ask, We Answer. THIS WEEK.

    Have you ever had a burning question about how to do a certain thing inside KeyShot, but no answer? This webinar is your chance to get all of your questions answered, once and for all. Ask questions about anything and everything inside and about KeyShot. We'll answer them live for you and provide th[...]
    Features - Jun 25, 2012

    Formation Design: Completing the Product Design Process with KeyShot

    KeyShot is used to create 3D rendering all along the product design process. This can be from the beginning, at concept visualization, to the end, when images are needed for marketing or manufacturing. Formation Design is a product development firm out of Atlanta Georgia whose capabilities range fro[...]
    Tips - Jun 21, 2012

    Softgoods: Rendering Footwear with KeyShot

    Prepare to squeeze the stitching out of your seat, we have a great resource to share and the fait accompli that is the official KeyShot shoe. Now, if you slip on a pair of shoes, a backpack or a stylish jacket, you can imagine how softgoods are some of the more challenging items to model and render.[...]
    News - Jun 19, 2012

    Microsoft Surface Revealed. KeyShot Delivers the Stunning Images.

    This week, Microsoft shook the mobile device scene with the unveiling of their new tablet, the 'Surface'. It's all sorts of coolness you would expect to see from a company competing in an aggressive market and KeyShot helped make the visual magic happen in the first images you'll see of the new devi[...]
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