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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering


    Contest - Jun 18, 2012

    KeyShot 2012 Engine Rendering Challenge

    What time is it? KeyShot Rendering Challenge time. Yes, we're doing it again. Bringing you another opportunity to win a license of KeyShot. Now, it's true that one of the KeyShot staff lost their voice after clapping and cheering on the winners of the last contest. They're on the mend, but we just c[...]
    News - Jun 11, 2012

    KeyShot at Solid Edge University 2012 and World Domination

    Do you hear that sound? It's the sound of beautiful renderings streaming forth from around the world as we head to another of our spring events! This time we are off to Nashville, Tennessee for the first annual Solid Edge University user conference, YES. We'll be on site for the 3 day event, Monday [...]
    Features - Jun 11, 2012

    Customer of the Month: Adam Wist Creates Photorealistic Visuals with KeyShot

    There is an incredible amount of work that goes into the engineering of diesel engine system. The process that use to take place on paper and vellum with strait-edge and pencil has been replaced by the 3D modeling and given a photorealistic look before it even hits the production line with 3D render[...]
    News - Jun 6, 2012

    KeyShot Tech Preview: Update Your 3D Models Instantly with Live Linking

    We have some really cool developments happening inside KeyShot. Some you'll hear about over the next few weeks and others as we ramp up to introduce KeyShot 4 beta in the fall. We already have a few features to preview that will be in KeyShot 4 and one of those that we're really excited about and ar[...]
    Features - Jun 1, 2012

    The Simple, Subtle Details of a Well Design Pen

    If you're a designer, an engineer or an artist, you probably have a favorite pen. I may completely define you. At the very least, you know the value of a tool that can spill forth your thoughts, ideas and imaginings onto a blank sheet of paper. Alex Tatner explored the finer points of pen design in [...]
    News - May 31, 2012

    Come See KeyShot Live Linking for Creo and More at PlanetPTC Live

    Next week we'll have the KeyShot team out in gloriously warm and touristy Orlando, Florida for the PlanetPTC Live event. The event will be held at the Rosen Shingle Creek, June 3-6th where we will, once again, be boothin' it hardcore, demonstrating KeyShot 3.2, the new features and updates, new tech[...]
    News - May 31, 2012

    Winners of the KeyShot 3D Rendering Contest!

    I've just gotta say, WOW, what a contest!! Through the month of May we put up the challenge to the KeyShot community to create the most stunning 3D rendering or animation of a watch. The challenge was definitely meet and after nearly 250 amazing entries of KeyShot rendering and animation bliss, we h[...]
    Features - May 30, 2012

    The Masterful 3D Renderings of Mikael Lugnegård

    When an image spills forth emotion, you know the creator can capture the essence of the design perfectly. That's exactly what Mikael Lugnegård is capable of. Mikael is an incredible Digital Artist from Sweden, developing design ideas and concepts using KeyShot as part of his trademark rendering proc[...]
    Tips - May 24, 2012

    All About KeyShot Render Options

    You've got your materials set, cameras positioned and an environment that reflects the sheer intensity of the surrounding lights. What do you do next? Render that sucka. With KeyShot, you have a lot of options for image or animation output, including three different render modes. But what'st the dif[...]
    News - May 23, 2012

    KeyShot 3.2 Is Here

    So excited. Today, we're pleased to announce KeyShot 3.2. Over the last two months we've boosted the render juice, cranked the core usage and doubled the coffee intake to unacceptable proportions. The focus of this update is feature completion, UI cleanup, and stability. We've packed a lot into KeyS[...]
    News - May 21, 2012

    Is 3D Rendering Replacing Traditional Photography? What Do You Think?

    I think you know how we would answer this question. But it goes deeper. Does photography still play a role in 3D rendering? What do you think? X-Rite of Europe, a leader in color science and technology with groups like Pantone, is curious. They're hosting a free webinar this week, so if you're inter[...]
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