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    Tips, news, and insight on KeyShot and 3D Rendering


    Features - Apr 23, 2012

    Rendering Clothing in KeyShot

    Peter Kolus decided to try out KeyShot. This Adidas jacket is one of his first renderings. His girlfriend Ania Mierzejewska modeled the clothes using Marvelous Designer and Peter created the renderings. What a team!
    News - Apr 19, 2012

    Join KeyShot at IDSA Atlanta: Free Software, Demos and Training

    KeyShot will be on the industrial design scene at the IDSA Southern Design Dialogue Conference this weekend in the shining metropolis of Atlanta, Georgia. We've got the crew heading over, setting up and practicing their dueling demo skills to take on all the questions you may have. We'll have hugs, [...]
    News - Apr 13, 2012

    KeyShot 3 Review on 3D World

    3D World has posted a review on KeyShot 3 written by award-winning journalist Steve Jarratt. He covers the new features introduced with KeyShot 3 and provides a few great examples of the interface and set-up options, what he likes and what he would like to see.
    News - Apr 12, 2012

    KeyShot Rendering for Creo 2.0? You bet.

    This week PTC released the highly anticipated update to their new product line of Creo apps, Creo 2.0. KeyShot has supported the import of Creo models since it was first announced and today we're happy to say that you can bring your Creo 2.0 files into KeyShot as well.
    Features, Tips - Apr 12, 2012

    Using KeyShot and Flash to Create an Interactive Website Presentation

    It’s true. KeyShot users create incredible 3D renderings and animations. You’ve probably seen a lot of product design images on website and wouldn’t even know that they were once drab, colorless 3D geometry. A few minutes in KeyShot and that drab geometry is turned into a photorealistic image. It’s [...]
    Features - Apr 11, 2012

    Incredible New 3D Renderings Using Custom HDRI's and Scratch Maps

    Joy of joys while browsing the forum this morning. Wonderful, new photo-realistic images to feast thine eyes upon. There's nothing better than that. The images you see below are from the first forum post of a new KeyShot user and a great examples of how fast KeyShot can create 3D renderings.
    Animation, Features - Apr 10, 2012

    First Renderings and Animations with KeyShot

    It's a wonderful thing when you can sit down at your computer, upload a model and create a batch of incredible 3D renderings in just a few minutes. Michael Lord is a SolidWorks users from Sydney, Australia who designs motorhomes and special purpose vehicles at Trakka. He has been testing out KeyShot[...]
    Tips - Apr 5, 2012

    How To Use Opacity Maps in KeyShot

    With KeyShot 3, we squeezed the succulent juice of transparency out of alpha channels to bring you improved opacity maps. There's no need to create detailed holes, repetitive patterns or complicated cutouts in the 3D model. Opacity maps allow you to use a black and white image or alpha channel trans[...]
    News - Apr 4, 2012

    New Plugins for Creo and Pro/ENGINEER add KeyShot Export and More

    If you're one of the 400,000 Pro/ENGINEER or Creo users, there's wonderfully juicy KeyShot news coming your way. We've updated both the Creo and Pro/E plugins with features that make export and import more exciting than it should be. This is version 1.3 of the plugin and with it we've packed smoothe[...]
    Features - Apr 2, 2012

    Capturing the Flora and Fauna of Sweden with KeyShot

    Some of the most captivating 3D renderings I've seen are of creatures, humans and characters, but little did I know the extent of how and where they are being used. Anders Rådén is a KeyShot user. He creates some of the most intricate models of insects and animals you will ever see. He's not creatin[...]
    News - Mar 29, 2012

    KeyShot 3.1: Network Rendering Details

    With KeyShot 3.1 we bring a whole new level of rendering efficiency with a new Network Rendering interface and features that make it easier and faster to use than ever before. It's truly a dynamic network rendering applications that allows you to install the and adminster independent of KeyShot with[...]
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