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    Animation, Features - Oct 4, 2012

    Jugo Two-handed Juicer Squeezes Sweet KeyShot Render Juice Into Your Eye

    If ever there was a two-handed juicer in the history of two-handed juicers, this two-handed juicer would perhaps be the most spectacular around. It is, in fact, the most (and only) well-animated two-handed juicer we've seen and we have Boaz Zemer to thank for that. Boaz Zemer is a third year Industr[...]
    Features - Oct 3, 2012

    The Beautiful Packaging and Product Design of Tommy Hawes

    Tommy Hawes is a a designer from England who currently lives in Toronto, Canada. His travels have lead him to work with various design firms around the world including Fitch Design in Singapore where he was involved in designing retail spaces as well as fixtures and fittings for brands such as Timbe[...]
    Animation, Features - Oct 3, 2012

    Animation of the Week: Tube Runner by Simon Williamson

    Simon Williamson is Associate Professor at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, MA. with a focus on Digital Art, Industrial Design and kickass sci-fi ships and vehicles. You've likely seen his work in ID Magazine, 3D Artist or various sites online. He's a long time KeyShot user and recently [...]
    News - Oct 2, 2012

    Send in Your Coolest Packaging Design Shots

    We've been getting a lot of great submissions for the Call for Content and we love the range of industries that KeyShot is used across. Product Packaging Design is just one them, so this week we want to see your best product packaging shots. You've seen how Unilever has leveraged KeyShot to help sav[...]
    Features - Oct 1, 2012

    How Unilever Creates Incredible Packaging Design Shots with KeyShot

    We're proud to feature Unilever as KeyShot's customer of the month. Unilever creates a lot of the brands you use everyday and their design department uses KeyShot to make the beautiful visuals you see. We talked with Joshua Sternthal, Senior Industrial Designer with Unilever HPC and see how they use[...]
    Features - Sep 27, 2012

    How PinforIngenia Uses KeyShotVR to Display Their Products

    PinforIngenia is a Spanish Engineering and Design agency in Seville, Spain. Their website features many amazing works including design for housewares, furniture, transportation and packaging. They use KeyShot in the creation of their visuals and have just launched an interactive section to their web[...]
    News - Sep 26, 2012

    KeyShot 3.3.33 Now Available

    Ahh, we just slipped into Fall in the Northern hemisphere, and what better way to start off cooler weather and falling leaves than with an update to KeyShot. Joy of joys, we have it for you right here. A great one, I might add, full of additional features and fixes that have come from all of your gr[...]
    Animation, Features - Sep 24, 2012

    Animation of the Week: Camaro by Abed Sabeh

    The look of red on a Camaro as it tears past you on the open road is a glorious experience. The epic visuals of a red Camaro as created by Abed Sabeh is equally a site to behold. Abed has bee sharing samples of his renderings via the forums and we've had an internal bet that the next animation he sh[...]
    News - Sep 21, 2012

    KeyShot Call for Content

    Image: Chris Lovin We are continuing to push forward on preparing for the next release of KeyShot, and we want you to be a part of it. If you receive our newsletter (sing up for it here!) you know that we are asking KeyShot users to submit the best of their creations and with it an opportunity to ha[...]
    News - Sep 20, 2012

    KeyShot in Your School

    Image: Dean Loock, Savannah College of Art and Design It's nice to know you can grab that double-whip latte, head down to the computer lab, fire up KeyShot and churn out some impressive project visuals. There are so many design and engineering schools adding KeyShot to their curriculum. It's excitin[...]
    Animation, Features - Sep 19, 2012

    The Square. Rendered in KeyShot, Successfully Funded.

    What if a design change was so simple it became revolutionary? The water bottle. There are literally thousands of designs. Yet, most make the water taste like metal or plastic and roll away if tipped over. The Square changes that and Clean Bottle has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring it to th[...]