ENVOY Helmet Redesign Challenge (Winners)

Over the past few weeks, we teamed up with @yankodesign as they hosted the YD x KeyShot Design Challenge on Instagram. The challenge was to make our ENVOY helmet safer and render the results. The entries were incredible and the range of ideas was vast. There was loads of creativity, some unexpected ideas, and many impressive KeyShot Animations. We would like to thank Yanko Design and to everyone who took part in the challenge, you amaze us - THANK YOU.

All of the submissions shared can be seen under the #ydxkeyshot hashtag. The winning entries combined additional safety and design considerations while maintaining the original style. The KeyShot judges chose three entries as the winners.

With that, we present to you, the winners of the YD x KeyShot Design Challenge!

Gold Winner

Jonathan hatch
Two-part Easy Remove Helmet

"My helmet safety concept for Envoy—Let’s make helmets safer after an accident occurs. This design helps EMTs remove the helmet without moving the user’s neck, which is tricky business at the scene of an accident. The mechanism keeps the helmet rigid during normal use and splits the shell once pulled by the EMT. It may be implemented on full face, open face, dual-sport, or any helmet type and at multiple points. User safety is important at all stages of use."


Silver Winner

António Martins
Chin Protector Accessory


"I tried to keep the design as simple as possible without losing the helmet language. To make the helmet safer i designed a removable chin protector and its snap system."


Bronze Winner

Marco Flipic
Neck Bag with Rear-view Camera

How to make the ENVOY helmet safer? Three new features.

Neck-Bag: How could we protect the neck in case of an accident?
Noise Reduction: In the case of urban use, a noise filter could be considered?
Rear-View: How could we add a rear-view mirror?

These were some of the questions I asked myself, and here are some of the ideas that came up.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this incredible challenge with Yanko Design! To give KeyShot a try yourself, just visit Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram @yankodesign and @keyshot3d where you can see the latest featured design and join in on the next challange!

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