Gravity Sketch + KeyShot Backpack Design Challenge [Winner & Finalists]

Backpack design, meet VR. Kicking off 2021, we were honored to team up with Gravity Sketch for the Gravity Sketch / KeyShot Backpack Design Challenge. The competition took place primarily on Instagram with over 100 entries submitted under the #gskschallenge that spanned diverse, thoughtful, and creative solutions in backpack design.

The Gravity Sketch and KeyShot community narrowed the competition to five finalists. Each was sent a VR headset to complete the design in Gravity Sketch and render it in KeyShot. With designs prepared, the finalist had the opportunity to give a formal design presentation using Gravity Sketch Landing Pad, their cloud-based 3D design and collaboration platform (videos below). The judges, Roshan Hakkim, Nick Baker and Noah Sussman, had their work cut out for them, providing feedback from their years of industry experience, finally choosing a winner.

We present to you, the finalists and winner of the Gravity Sketch / KeyShot Backpack Design Challenge!



Ziga Judar
Cosm-inspired Hiking Backpack


Ziga's concept is inspired by Herman Miller's Cosm chair, its lightweight aesthetic, and how it could apply to a hiking backpack. This was his first model in Gravity Sketch, rendered in KeyShot. As with any competition, all the finalists' work were exceptional and thus very difficult to make a decision on the winner. The judges explain their decisions:

"The frame design concept from Ziga Judar had an ultra clean concept which is deceptively simple at first sight. The benefits of utilizing this exterior frame construction lends it well to everything from entry-level bags up to something more complex, and larger. Protection from impacts in a slip or fall, general bumping during transportation of the bag, and also an iconic look push this concept design to the top. Excellent visuals achieved in KeyShot with beautifully executed mesh materials cinched the deal. The fact is each of these entries was excellent-far exceeding expectations-making the job of judging very, very difficult. We had to discuss for quite some time just to establish our three overlapping favorite bags, before even deciding an order of first to third. Each entry had plenty of air-time in our talk, each stands on it's own merit."


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Akhil Krishnan
Hikite Concept


The Hikite concept by Akhil Krishan was fully thought out to every detail on the bag. The consistent feedback was always an incredible attention to detail and consideration for everything that is necessary for a hiking backpack as well as a good quality bag.

"Hikite is a combination of words hike and light. It's a durably built, performance-driven backpack with refreshed colour palette, contrasting colour pops and athleisure-inspired details. Hikite is a perfect lightweight backpack for all the hikers out there with modular utility features for optimum space utilization, anti-theft closure and comfortable padding on shoulder straps that keeps it comfortable for long-haul carrying. It has a dedicated space for everything and anything you need. This backpack is equipped for every situation and will always accompany you in an amazing hiking experience."


Gravity Sketch KeyShot Challenge
Gravity Sketch KeyShot Challenge
Gravity Sketch KeyShot Challenge
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Andrea Pomponio & Paride Stella
Cryogenic Backpack Concept


The cryogenic backpack concept comes from a team of two based in Italy, Andrea Pomponio and Paride Stella.

"The cryogenic backpack. Meant for the next generation of explorers is the researcher's companion. It will handle your most precious specimen with care. Comfortable, durable, and technological, the backpack for the future. The unique presentation setup they created in Gravity Sketch was nothing like we had ever seen and certainly gave us inspiration as to what presenting in GS could be and what is possible."


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Harshin Lalpet and Phaniram Lalpet
Futuristic Concept


The concept by the Lalpets blew the judges away with not only an attention to detail but a very scientific and thought out support system for the hiker who would be using this backpack.

"Inspired by a need to make a safe hiking backpack, for novices, the process for the design of the backpack began with understanding the load-bearing nature of the human body and how backpacks had been put on incorrectly over the ages. Thus, we delved deep researching into the effects on the Sacro-iliac joint due to an incorrectly hung bag over the shoulders. With an emphasis on using light-weight composite exoskeleton and unique, patentable technology for integrating shoulder and hip belt strap tensioning, We present to you a futuristic, user-friendly tech-laden backpack, Vaanara (forest man in Sanskrit)."


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Andre Parkinson
Modular Backpack Concept


Andre Parkinson, created a very detailed a fully modular design ready to adapt to any adventure. The judges loved the combinations and configurations you could make the bag into. The presentation was thought out and considered hikers of all kinds.


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Congratulations to all the finalists and a huge thank you to everyone who participated in such an interesting challenge! To give Gravity Sketch a try yourself, just visit and as always, you can try KeyShot alongside at Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram @gravitysketch and @keyshot3d and stay tuned for more challenges in the future!

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