How to Create Colorful Edge Effects in KeyShot

Have you ever needed to control color or achieve a specific edge effect? Product Designer and Founder of Sektre Creative, Liam Martin, has a new YouTub channel where he's dishing out sweet KeyShot tips and here, shows you how to get a very unique edge effect using a simple setup in the KeyShot Material Graph.

Edges Effects in KeyShot

The particular edge effect Liam creates allows the color to shift as the camera angle is changed giving your product material a really interactive effect. The color can be any you desire, even a gradient. The magic is in his setup and how he constrains it to the edge and camera angle.



Liam has a great approach for creating this color shifting edge effect.It comes down to four steps, using four nodes in the KeyShot Material Graph.

First, he adds a Spots texture node for the color variation. He then adds a black/white Color Gradient node which will help control where the color appears.

Next, he adds a Color Composite node plugging the Spots node into the Source  and the Color Gradient node into the Background. He then sets the Color Composite, Blend mode to Multiply which causes the Spots texture to show only where the gradient is white.

Next, he adds a Color Curvature node and plugs the Color Composite node into Positive Curvature, to control the color further and make sure it only appears on the edges.

Finally, he plugs the Color Composite into the Specular channel of the Plastic which makes colored edge effect only appear when the light is hitting it.


Liam's YouTube channel is new and already full of great tips you won't find anywhere else. Check it out and subscribe and follow him over on Instagram to see what else he's up to.

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