How to Create Procedural Clear-Coated Carbon Fiber in KeyShot

Out of the millions of materials and material combinations you can produce in KeyShot, one of the most popular in clear-coated carbon fiber.  It can be applied quickly using a KeyShot procedural texture or taken even further using the KeyShot Material Graph.

Esben takes a unique approach, starting with the KeyShot Anisotropic material type, then going into the Material Graph to layer materials, add procedural opacity maps with texture and finish it off with a little clear-coat trick you'll definitely want to learn. It's a quick 10-minute tutorial that is completely worth you time. In it, he covers:

  • The KeyShot user interface
  • Various KeyShot materials
  • Using the KeyShot Material Graph
  • Material and texture settings
  • Adding a clear-coat layer



Speedshape Model

Studio 17 HDRI
Material Tutorial

You can download the material tutorial on Esben's Gumroad here. This includes setup for three materials in all: Bead-blasted Aluminum, Clear-coated Carbon Fiber and DayDream Fabric. You can also see more tutorials from Esben at

The KeyShot Material Graph is a KeyShot Pro feature. Create your own custom material, material animations,  rich textures and more. See the KeyShot product comparison here.

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