How to Create Three Point Lighting in KeyShot

by KeyShot | Sep 21, 2017 | Tips | 0 Comments


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    Esben Oxholm has a new video to take you through the process of creating three-point lighting using the HDRI Editor in KeyShot 7. 

    It's a quick video where he first explains what three-point lighting is, then shows you how to create your HDRI environment and set up each light (pin) in your KeyShot scene using the integrated HDRI Editor. He points out important factors to consider along the way concerning position, strength and color. It's a great tutorial that will help you gain familiarity with both custom lighting and using the KeyShot HDRI Editor to light your scene.   

    Product Visualization Course

    Bonus: Esben has also shared another video from his Product Visualization course. The video goes over how to search for and find materials on KeyShot Cloud, download it the adjust it  using the KeyShot Material Graph. View it here.

    Want More?
    Esben's website is a treasure of tutorials and resources for learning more about KeyShot and product visualization. You can view tutorials he has produced and download KeyShot scenes at While you're at  it, check out his Gumroad page as well and don't forget to subscribe to his 'Link Collection' newsletter which contains additional resources. 

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