How to use Poliigon Maps to Create Textured Materials in KeyShot

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    We've touched on using Poliigon textures with KeyShot materials in the past, but in his latest video, Esben Oxholm takes a solid 20 minutes to show you his texture setup process from start to finish for a variety of materials with plenty of tips along the way. If you've wondered about using Poliigon textures or creating your own materials using the KeyShot Material Graph, Esben will help you see how powerful and easy it is.

    Using Poliigon Textures in KeyShot

    KeyShot comes with a number of Poliigon textures you can use right away, but there are thousands of others available on their website. And, for further refenence, Poliigon also has a guide about how to use their textures in KeyShot.

    In the video, Esben breaks down the options you want to set for a texture you download from Poliigon, with tips about resolution and map types. He hops into KeyShot and, using the KeyShot Material Graph, shows you exactly where to plug the texture maps into the KeyShot material nodes. 

    He'll then show you how to take complete control of the Material Graph using the special Utility nodes and adjusting the Texture Map Properties to take the textures further for each Specualar, Roughness and Bump map. (You'll love the tips on using the Color to Number and Color Adjust nodes in particular.)


    Want More?
    Esben's website is a treasure of tutorials and resources for learning more about KeyShot and product visualization. You can view tutorials he has produced and download KeyShot scenes at While you're at  it, check out his Gumroad page as well and don't forget to subscribe to his 'Link Collection' newsletter which contains additional resources. 

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